Know the face of your business

Do you know how many people visit your mall , event or store? With STARE we can help you with that to assist you in knowing the face of your clients in your business. How many / how often and when are all key metrics that we present after our study.

Over 45 years old
Visited more than once

What We Do.

We record movement by monitoring entry points.

These images are processed by our software turning the blur of the crowd into usable data. We corelate and present this data for analytics and comprehensive undertanding.



With keymetrics from our software you are able to know a more automated head count that also provides the expresion , race and aproximate age of your customers. 

Expert and Professional

We understand and embrace the professionalism the indutry requires in an efficient cost effective manner.

On Time

Timing on any project is crucial to make sure the stats are acurate and totally encompass what is needed from the start.

Facial Recognition

The core of our software is an enterprise facial recognition system that delivers cutting edge results.

Real Time

Depending on your requirements we are able to offer realtime results and statistics.

Images and recording

Images and recording are stored during the project and once stats are verified and accepted all imagery is destroyed.

Facial identity

All data is POPI compliant and not linked to any ones identity such as name address or the likes we use generic data only.

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